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Itsukaichi’s Tale (Itsukaichi monogatari,五日市物語)

Itsukaichi's Tale (Itsukaichi monogatari,五日市物語)

[ Directed by ]
[ Produced by ]
* TAKAHASHI Toshihiko
* OZAKI Yoshimi
[ Cast ]
* ENDO Kumiko ITO Yuri
* KUSAMURA Reiko KISHI Toshiko
* YAMAZAKI Yoshiyuki KURIHARA Yusuke
* INOUE Junichi KURODA Yuichi
[ Staff ]
* Screenplay: KOBAYASHI Jin
* Cinematography: KURIHARA Ikumi
* Music: HARA Yuki
* Co-producer: ICHIKURA Hisao
[ Production Company ]
Akiruno City
[ Distributor (Japan) ]
[ Production Studio ]

Release Date: November,12, 2011
Running Time: 119 min
Genre: Drama, Children/Family, Historical, Feature
Color: Color
Screening Format: 35mm
Screen Size: American Vista (1:1.85)
Sound Processing: DTS
[ Story ]
The film was made to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of the establishment of Akiruno City formed in a merger between Akigawa City and Itsukaichi Town. It is written and directed by independent filmmaker Kobayashi Jin who is also an Akiruno City employee. He conveys the city’s lush verdant appeal while weaving the area’s history into episodes. Yuri (Endo Kumiko) who works for a company that carries out research for television programs is asked by a station to gather information on Akiruno City. Although less than enthusiastic at first, she finds herself increasingly drawn to its tranquil character of the locality as she visits points of interest with her guide, municipal worker Kurihara (Yamazaki Yoshiyuki).
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Yuri (Endo Kumiko) works in a society that collects stories and information to prepare television programs. A broadcaster requires a report on Itsukaichi, a historic village of medieval origins that in 1995 was merged with the village of Akigawa to form the town of Akiruno, in the northern part of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Yuri is appointed, who unwillingly accepts to go to Itsukaichi. Arrived in the town, she goes in town to ask for information and meets Yusuke (Yamazaki Yoshiyuki), an official interested in the history of the city. Yusuke leads Yuri to discover Itsukaichi and his heritage and slowly Yuri’s sensibility begins to transform. The meeting with Toshiko, an elderly lady who runs a traditional pension (Kusamura Reiko), accelerates the transformation. Step by step, Yuri knows and appreciates the small joys of country life and the Japanese cultural tradition that she had forgotten or even did not know and, above all, through them she finds herself and a purpose in life. Stories from the past and stories of the present intersect in a fun way and even the gruff head of Yuri, come to check what is happening, is not free from surprises.
The story is gracile but not silly and the film, although without particular originality, flows placid and pleasant to its sweet end. What is perhaps more curious, as reported by the Yomiuri Shinbun Online of October 2, 2010, is the fact that the film was written and directed by a municipal official of Akiruno in order to illustrate the beauty of his city to attract visitors and is produced mainly by the Acirun Film Festival and by the inhabitants of the area. A very unusual case in the panorama of film production, it also cost about 300,000 euros and many staff members worked without being paid. To confirm the goodness of the project and the result achieved, the film then had its circulation in the hall and the DVD is regularly sold by major international distributors.
Needless to say, the magnificent places in the film really make you want to take a trip.
[Katsuyuki Nakanishi]

Katsuyuki Nakanishi
Born on 1984 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Graduated in Vantan Film and Movie Institute major in film director. The fourth graduate of JSC Cinematographers assistant upbringing cramming school. While he was studying in Tokyo, he was also working with Director Shinya Tsukamoto's movie at the same time. After that, he became part of the lighting department of Toei Studios Kyoto, studied under Kiyoto Ando and Takashi Sugimoto. In these movies, he worked as an assistant lighting director with Takashi Sugimoto in "Chacha - Tengai no Onna"(2007) and Kiyoto Ando in "The Fallen Angel"(2010). He work as a freelancer since 2011 and became part of these latest movies as a lighting director of Director Yang Ik-June's ”Shibata and Nagao"(2012), Director Keisuke Yoshida’s ”Himeanile”(2016), Director Kohki Yoshida’s ”ThreeLights"(2017), Director Hiroshi Ando’s ”Moon and Thunder" (2017) and Director Shinya Tsukamoto’s ”Killing” (2018).

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