Kyojima 3Rd St., Sumida City (Kyojima 3 Chome Sumidaku)
Torso (トルソ, Toruso)

Quirky Guys and Gals (Sabi otoko, sabi onna,サビ男サビ女)

Directed and Screenplay: Yosuke Fujita, Matsunashi Tomoko, O Mipo, Sekiguchi January
[Cast] Episode 1:
・Nanami Sakuraba
・Kawamura Emiko
・Shiratori Kumiko
・Murasugi Seminosuke
・Arakawa Yoshi Yoshi
Episode 2:
・Nakamura Aoi
・Renbutsu Misako
・Ini Kusano
Episode 3:
・Fukuda Tenkyuu
Episode 4:
・Koizumi Kyouko
・Yoshiyuki Morishita
・Horibe Keisuke
・Tanaka Tetsushi
Running Time: 91 min.
Release Date: January 15, 2011
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PIA: Comments: 3.5 / 5 At the exit of the rooms: 72/100
Score ★★☆☆☆ 2/5
The episodic film have never enjoyed great support, although sometimes offer interesting insights, as was the case of the lucky Survive Style 5 . It ‘s also the case of this film, which brings together four episodes of many directors in the name, I would say, of a certain eccentricity. The word “sabi” of the title, in fact, is neither the “sabi” of wabi sabi or the “sabi”, which means “rust” and its English translation is given as “quirky”, that is, eccentric, weird. This far so good, except that the eccentricity of the title, in the various stories is almost always declared that effective.
In the first episode, signed by Yosuke Fujita, the director of fun Zenzen daij ō bu (Fine, Totally Fine), three girls walk around with a super-heroines to good costume to sing ditties comforting to people difficulties, except in certain Sorting cases the opposite effect to the desired. And ‘the episode perhaps more banal, that passively reflects the culture of manga .
In the second episode, the Matsunashi Tomoko, a high school love with the most beautiful of the school disguises herself as a girl just to be able to approach, it becomes friend / a Lingerie / a but when he realizes that the girl was in love with him as a “male” will be too late . Nice idea, school carrying.
The third episode, maybe that a bit ‘substantial, is O Mipo – its pleasant Okan no yomeiri (Here Comes the Bride, My Mom) – and explains in a cheerful and lively encounter the progressive transformation from a client who has protested a disservice and the official who had gone to the house to bring the apologies of the company. Pleasant atmosphere, good rhythm, small twists. Tomochika fascinating.
The last episode, directed by Sekiguchi Gen (author of the omnibus cited successful Survive Style 5) is the most fairy-tale, and tells of a woman who has a penchant for collecting stray cats and, in times of crisis, end up picking and take home salaryman laid off who spend the day at the park not to confess to his family that he had lost his job. One day her husband knocks on the door after hours …. An inevitable surreal tone makes it pleasant, if not particularly incisive, everything.
[Katsuyuki Nakanishi]

Katsuyuki Nakanishi
Born on 1984 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Graduated in Vantan Film and Movie Institute major in film director. The fourth graduate of JSC Cinematographers assistant upbringing cramming school. While he was studying in Tokyo, he was also working with Director Shinya Tsukamoto's movie at the same time. After that, he became part of the lighting department of Toei Studios Kyoto, studied under Kiyoto Ando and Takashi Sugimoto. In these movies, he worked as an assistant lighting director with Takashi Sugimoto in "Chacha - Tengai no Onna"(2007) and Kiyoto Ando in "The Fallen Angel"(2010). He work as a freelancer since 2011 and became part of these latest movies as a lighting director of Director Yang Ik-June's ”Shibata and Nagao"(2012), Director Keisuke Yoshida’s ”Himeanile”(2016), Director Kohki Yoshida’s ”ThreeLights"(2017), Director Hiroshi Ando’s ”Moon and Thunder" (2017) and Director Shinya Tsukamoto’s ”Killing” (2018).

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