Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night (パラノーマル・アクティビティ 第2章/TOKYO NIGHT, Paranormal Activity 2: Tokyo Night)
Danchizuma hirusagari no jōji (団地妻 昼下がりの情事, Housewife’s Afternoon Delight)

Ushiro kara mae kara (後ろから前から, From the Back or From the Front, a.k.a. Any and Every Which Way)

Director & Screenplay : Matsumoto Shoichiro
・Tomomi Miyauchi
・Kinoshita Hoka
・Shion Machida
Running Time: 75 mins.
Release Date: February 27, 2010
Score ★☆☆☆☆ 1/5
PIA : Comments : 2.5 / 5 At the exit of the rooms : 53/100
In the early 70’s Nikkatsu was saved from bankruptcy by focusing everything on soft porn. The operation succeeded very well, to the point that a specific genre was born: the Nikkatsu roman porno (a contraction of ” romantic pornographique” ). In less than two decades were built more than 1000 movie roman porno , many entered the charts of annual achievements and some by directors then established themselves as authors tout court outside the genre.
I do not know if you currently Nikkatsu is again facing bankruptcy or if there are other reasons not known. The fact is that in 2010 formally proposed a revival of roman porn . With the slogan “It’s not a remake, it’s a return!”, The attempt to relaunch consisted of two films: Danchizuma and that reviewed here, which incorporates a film of the same title produced by Nikkatsu in 1980 and which at the time was considered one of the most outrageous like that.
Hard to find what to say. The rule remains as great as the house: an erotic scene every ten minutes (or even less); for the rest ample freedom to the director. Too bad that the actor Matsumoto Sh ōichir ō , past (alas) director for the occasion, is not able to use that freedom. The film is in fact of such an inconsistency, even from the erotic point of view, which often do not clear if the director wanted to make a parody of the genre or if he intended to get serious. Similarly, there are some comic scenes that it is unclear whether they are voluntary or not. The funniest is when a character a little ‘hick goes to an Italian restaurant and, embarrassed by the fact of not understanding the menu, try to repeat the order in Italian feel to the nearby table. Italian words, already crippled from the start, completely lose the sense of the second step, thus causing a terrified bewilderment on the face of the waitress.
[Katsuyuki Nakanishi]

Katsuyuki Nakanishi
Born on 1984 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Graduated in Vantan Film and Movie Institute major in film director. The fourth graduate of JSC Cinematographers assistant upbringing cramming school. While he was studying in Tokyo, he was also working with Director Shinya Tsukamoto's movie at the same time. After that, he became part of the lighting department of Toei Studios Kyoto, studied under Kiyoto Ando and Takashi Sugimoto. In these movies, he worked as an assistant lighting director with Takashi Sugimoto in "Chacha - Tengai no Onna"(2007) and Kiyoto Ando in "The Fallen Angel"(2010). He work as a freelancer since 2011 and became part of these latest movies as a lighting director of Director Yang Ik-June's ”Shibata and Nagao"(2012), Director Keisuke Yoshida’s ”Himeanile”(2016), Director Kohki Yoshida’s ”ThreeLights"(2017), Director Hiroshi Ando’s ”Moon and Thunder" (2017) and Director Shinya Tsukamoto’s ”Killing” (2018).

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