Statement: I think of my Art as a play of lights and shadows. To blur and give clarity to everyday objects, to dim and to highlight thoughts. Thoughts that create a definite narrative. Movies always show beautiful imagery. But what is beauty? Who defines beauty? Is it important? My work doesn’t pay attention on “beauty” it is more of suspending the reality and visual storytelling. I give emphasis to the narrative and accentuates the important part of the story. My work also focuses on the parts of a narrative or image that needs to be hidden, to encourage the spectators to think, to be puzzled or to feel uncomfortable –in some occasions -. All of which is done through found objects, common objects and even glass.

Please Describe how this residency impact on your artistic career: This grant will impact my career greatly in a lot of ways, first is, this grant will let me do my art in a different environment considering that Sydney has a different atmosphere and seasons that will expose me to different natural lights. Also to be able to work, have connections with fellow artists and to share my art to people of different culture and nationality will influence and improve my art in a positive manner. I am always passionate when it comes to sharing the Japanese culture to other people. And most importantly this grant will impact my artistic career in such a way that it will motivate me to keep on creating artistically and that I should not be afraid to create and to always find new discoveries. I believe that through this grant I will be able to make new art, have more inspirations, ideas and most importantly I will learn more about my craft itself.