Koi suru napolitan – Sekai de ichiban oishii aisarekata (恋するナポリタン 世界で一番おいしい愛され方, Eternal First Love)
Tokumei joshi ana Namino Yōko: Love is over (特命女子アナ並野容子:Love is over)

Himeanole ( ヒメアノール )

Release Date : 26th Jul 2016
Running Time : 99 min
Genre : Drama , Romance , Feature

Color : Color
Screening Format : –
Screen Size :
Sound Processing : Dolby Digital

[ Directed by ] YOSHIDA Keisuke 

[ Produced by ] ARISHIGE Youichi、小松重之

[ Cast ]

•森田正一 – 森田剛
•阿部ユカ – 佐津川愛美
•岡田進 – 濱田岳
•安藤勇次 – ムロツヨシ
•和草浩介 – 駒木根隆介
•久美子 – 山田真歩
•清掃会社の社長 – 大竹まこと
•ユカのアパートの隣人 – 山中聡

[ Staff ]

  • •YOSHIDA Keisuke Screenplay
    •SHIDA Takayuki Cinematography
    •NAKANISHI Katsuyuki Lighting
    •古谷実 Original Story
    •田中正、永田芳弘 Executive Producer
    •石田雄治 Planning
    •由里敬三、藤岡修、藤島ジュリーK. Production
    •TATUSTA Tetsuzi Production Design&Props
    •野村卓史 Music
    •和田亨 Music Producer
    •OGURO Kentaro Recording
    •石貝洋  Sound
    •勝亦さくら Sound FX Design
    •SUZUKI Shinichi Editor
    •KATOH Yumi Costume Designer
    •KATOH Yuki Hair&Make-up
    •南谷夢 Casting
    •KOIDE Ken Associate Producer
    •深津智男 Associate(Line) Producer
    •竹上俊一Production Manager
    •綾部真弥 Assistant Director
    •MASUKO Saori Scripter
    Nikkatsu,Happinet,J Storm Production
    DjangoFilm Production Company
    Nikkatsu Distribution

[ Story ]

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Katsuyuki Nakanishi
Born on 1984 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Graduated in Vantan Film and Movie Institute major in film director. The fourth graduate of JSC Cinematographers assistant upbringing cramming school. While he was studying in Tokyo, he was also working with Director Shinya Tsukamoto's movie at the same time. After that, he became part of the lighting department of Toei Studios Kyoto, studied under Kiyoto Ando and Takashi Sugimoto. In these movies, he worked as an assistant lighting director with Takashi Sugimoto in "Chacha - Tengai no Onna"(2007) and Kiyoto Ando in "The Fallen Angel"(2010). He work as a freelancer since 2011 and became part of these latest movies as a lighting director of Director Yang Ik-June's ”Shibata and Nagao"(2012), Director Keisuke Yoshida’s ”Himeanile”(2016), Director Kohki Yoshida’s ”ThreeLights"(2017), Director Hiroshi Ando’s ”Moon and Thunder" (2017) and Director Shinya Tsukamoto’s ”Killing” (2018).

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