The Room (Heya,部屋)
The Bride of Rip Van Winkle (Rip Van Winkle no hanayome,リ ッ プ ヴ ァ ン ウ ィ ン ク ル の 花嫁)

【Eriko Hatsune × Kengo Koura co-starring Mitsuyo Kadota’s Novel “Moon and Thunder” Live-movie】

【Eriko Hatsune × Kengo Koura co-starring Mitsuyo Kadota’s Novel “Moon and Thunder” Live-movie】
Last year the
movie “Moon and Thunder” was released as an intern for studying vantan (Bantan) movie studies department It was!
Lighting is vantanOB Katsuyuki Nakanishi
October Tokyo · Theaters Shinjuku and other nationwide public has become.
Director: Hiroshi Ando (blue, flower core, etc.)
Screenplay: Honcho Yuka
Producer: Miyazakidai (agung inc)
shooting: Ippaku Suzuki
lighting: Katsuyuki Nakanishi
Art: Hayashi pristinamycin (transformer inc)
grading: Genta Tamaki (Interceptor Inc)
assistant director : Shinichi Ishii
Producer Director: Naomichi Imai

【Eriko Hatsune × Kengo Kiura co-starring Mitsuyo Tsunoda’s Novel “Moon and Thunder” Live-Movie
Last year I was recruited as interns at Vantan Faculty of Film and Video Studies
The movie “Moonlight and Thunder” has been released!
Lighting is vantanOB Katsuyuki Nakanishi
October Tokyo · theater shinjuku and other nationwide was became public.
Director: Hiroshi Ando (blue, flower core etc)
Screenplay: Yuka Hocyou
Producer: Miyazaki Dai (agung inc)
Photography: Ippaku Suzuki
Lighting: Katsuyuki Nakanishi
Art Director: China China (transformer inc)
Grading: Genta Tamaki (interceptor inc)
Assistant Director: Shinichi Ishii
Production manager: Naomichi Imai
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Katsuyuki Nakanishi
Born on 1984 in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Graduated in Vantan Film and Movie Institute major in film director. The fourth graduate of JSC Cinematographers assistant upbringing cramming school. While he was studying in Tokyo, he was also working with Director Shinya Tsukamoto's movie at the same time. After that, he became part of the lighting department of Toei Studios Kyoto, studied under Kiyoto Ando and Takashi Sugimoto. In these movies, he worked as an assistant lighting director with Takashi Sugimoto in "Chacha - Tengai no Onna"(2007) and Kiyoto Ando in "The Fallen Angel"(2010). He work as a freelancer since 2011 and became part of these latest movies as a lighting director of Director Yang Ik-June's ”Shibata and Nagao"(2012), Director Keisuke Yoshida’s ”Himeanile”(2016), Director Kohki Yoshida’s ”ThreeLights"(2017), Director Hiroshi Ando’s ”Moon and Thunder" (2017) and Director Shinya Tsukamoto’s ”Killing” (2018).

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